Welcome to the Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry

a volunteer opportunity site shared by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).

ODH coordinates the Ohio Medical Reserve Corps (OMRC) and the Radiation Response Volunteer Corps (RRVC). The Ohio EMA coordinates with all other volunteer programs.

The Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry is the State of Ohio's online system for managing public health and medical disaster responder volunteers. This site supports a variety of personnel who may be utilized during disasters; all-hazard response efforts and public health activities. It is used to register, notify, and inform willing individuals who are interested in volunteering.

Training Requirements

An approved training list can be found on MRC Train.

Requirements to register:

  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Must complete an approved training PRIOR to registering, and every 3 years after, in order to maintain Liability Protection (Ohio Administrative Code 121:40-1-04). An approved training list can be found on MRC-Train linked from this document.
  3. Must comply with any other additional training requirements of the Group(s) you join.
  4. Must complete all required fields when filling out your volunteer profile.
  5. Must ensure your profile is up to date at all times (contact information, professional license, etc).

If this is your first visit, please click the "Register Now" button below to begin the registration process. If you have already completed the registration process or wish to return to an in-progress registration, please sign in using the log in area on this page. Please DO NOT create multiple accounts. You can join/remove unit affiliation from the same account. If you do not remember your username or password please click on the Forgot Username or Password link. If necessary contact your local administrator at ohioresponds@odh.ohio.gov.

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