The Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry is the State of Ohio’s online system for managing public health and healthcare professionals who wish to volunteer.  This site supports a variety of personnel who may be called to action during disasters, all-hazards response efforts, and public health activities.  Ohio Responds is the system used to notify volunteers of the specific events happening in their community.

Requirements to register:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Must comply with any training requirements of the group(s) you join.
  • Must ensure profile information is up to date at all times (contact numbers, professional license, etc.
  • Must complete all required fields when filling out the  application.
  • Must complete the short Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Orientation linked to the application.


The following counties do NOT have an MRC Unit: Erie, Guernsey, Harrison, Huron, Jefferson, Knox, Monroe, Muskingum, Noble, Washington, Wayne and Williams.  If you are interested in volunteering in one of these counties, please click HERE for a point of contact.



Start by clicking on the “Register Now” button.  The first step is to select an organization: click on the “Add Organizations” link.  Please click directly on the black arrow in front of “01-Medical Reserve Corps Organizations” to expand the list to view the counties from which to choose.  Click on your county of choice, and "select".  Continue to complete the application. 


What does it take to register for disaster service?

  • During the online registration process, you will be asked to enter information regarding your medical license (if applicable).
  • Enter information about the best way to contact you and other relevant background information.
  • Once you are registered, your credentials will be validated so that you can be deployed quickly and efficiently when an event occurs.  Your information will only be viewed by authorized system managers.


Once I am registered, what happens next?

  • During a state or national disaster, (e.g. an earthquake, severe weather event, or public health    emergency), this system will be accessed by authorized medical/health officials at the State Emergency Operations Center or your county.
  • If a decision is made to request your service, you will be contacted using the information you enter on this site.  If you agree to deploy, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate field operational officials.


Thank you for Volunteering!

ALREADY REGISTERED? If you have already completed the registration process or wish to return to an in-progress registration, please LOG IN using the log in field on this page.  You can join/remove unit affiliation from the same account.  If necessary, contact your local administrator at https://www.ohioresponds.odh.ohio.gov/

Please DO NOT create multiple accounts.

If you do not remember your username or password, please click on the forgot Username or Password link. https://ohioresponds.odh.ohio.gov/pw_assist_request.php